Operation-Trading House

Trading House

Quality First International imports, exports, and distributes value-added coconut products, specialty oils; functional and organic ingredients. QFI serves health food and nutrition, personal care, pharmaceutical, and

environmental industries. From DIY to MNC, under our trading operation, we service the following:
  • Brokerage
  • Representation of Principals
  • Import/Export

Import/Export: QFI operates as an importer of raw materials and ingredients for distribution and industrial sales to manufacturers and re-packers of natural food and natural personal care product in Canada and the USA. An active component of our trading operation is converting these materials into a natural compound ready for export and regional distribution.

Representation of Principals: QFI works with international growers and processors of organic ingredients and natural raw materials to represent them to manufacturers. As a broker, we assist our principals in pricing, regulatory affairs and technical marketing and finding the right match.

Brokerage: Buyers can avail our services through pre-qualifying sources and suppliers. We can assist in importation documents and regulatory requirements. We can negotiate based on quality assessment, technical information and regulatory requirements.

Quality First International (QFI )is well versed in international food regulation and international organic protocol