Coconut is the “tree of life” and no other plant on earth can match its usefulness. From the roots to the top of the tree,
through its leaves, coconut has its functions

QFI specializes in coconut products. What set us apart from other coconut companies is QFI’s capability to pre-qualify suppliers and defining coconut products according to its usage and functionality. We supply coconut products to the appropriate market segments; from raw materials to finished products and from high end formulators to the comfort of your home – we got you covered. Our coconut products are available as:

  • Raw/bulk materials
  • Consumer packaging
  • Food Service/Institutional packaging
  • Ingredient in food and personal care
  • Innovated and natural compound
  • Formulated-Ready To Use

Highly recommended:

  • Virgin oil de coco-crème®
  • Monoi de Tahiti
  • Coconut Nutri-Oil™
  • MCT
  • Coco Silk™

COCONUT PRODUCT LIST- Single Ingredients

Organic virgin coconut oil,
centrifuge method
Organic Coconut Oil,
Expeller pressed
Organic Coconut Protein
Organic virgin coconut oil,
Cold pressed-wet process
Coconut Oil-RBD,
organic & conventional
Organic Coconut Fiber
Organic virgin coconut oil,
Cold pressed-dry process
Coconut Oil-Crude,
organic and conventional
Coconut Milk Powder,
Premium and organic
MCT Oil,
coconut base
Organic coconut butter Organic Desiccated,
medium, fine, Extra Fine
Organic Coconut Flour Organic Coconut Nectar Organic Coconut Chips
For core products list, PLEASE SEE: Coconut Matters Page