Confidence In Natural Products

Quality First International (QFI) core function is servicing high quality and efficacious natural materials for personal care, food and nutraceutical industry. It has a strong focus on the coconut industry and has close ties to academic institutions and food research centers. The business focus is sourcing, brokering, distribution and compounding materials with proven reliability and value. Research and technical services are part of our focus to ensure that we know the products we offer.

QFI’s began as consultants to the food and agricultural industries and specialization in health and wellness products is an outgrowth of its background. QFI extends its services to manufacturing, private labeling, and product development for health food and wellness industries. Our product line is concentrated but not limited to: organic coconut products, organic ingredients, exotic butters and derivatives, dead sea products, jojoba oils, exotic butters, novelty oils, selected botanicals, eco green products and fine ingredients. In 2014, QFI engaged in importing and procurement of essential oils

Our people and work philosophy

Quality First International Inc. was born out of passion and belief in natural industry. It is a family owned business with magnanimous approach. Qualifications and capabilities are highly recognized and rewarded BUT it is the character that counts the most. We encouraged diversity and open opinion but at the end we expect the people at QFI to respect and adhere to our company values, vision and philosophy. Today, QFI has dedicated team with a mixed background in business, science, nutrition, process engineering, horticulture, rural extension and holistic enthusiasts and top notch client care services. We value our customers’ feedback and integrate it in our product development process. Our passion and expertise ensure a safe and reliable product.

From raw material to finished product, and from state of the art high tech producers to small grass roots village setting, we evaluate our product based on:

Efficacy, quality, safety, and environmental impact