Our Mission

Our mission is to empower associates and customers, friends and family, to enrich their lives through learning the value of natural and organic products. At Quality First International Inc., we are committed in honest marketing and teaching common sense decision in using natural products

What we envision

We envisioned QFI to be at the front row in wellness industry and that natural living becomes the standard and not just a fad or exclusive to certain groups. QFI will be reliable organization that will meet global requirements for sustainability and healthy living driven by the spirit of continuous research and improvement, expertise, innovation and good moral values.

QFI AT WORK – Backbone of Fair Trade and Social Responsibility:

QFI’s goal is to maintain reliability to our customers, suppliers and to the natural industry. With our expertise, we wrote product specifications, quality assurance protocols and advised on improving production parameters. QFI stand on Fair Trade is not only for the farmers, it is also for the end users – our customers and yours. This means our True Fair Trade Philosophy stands for fair price, fair quality, fair ethics and product reliability.

From raw material to finished product, and from state of the art high tech producers to small grass roots village setting, we evaluate our product based on:

Efficacy, quality, safety, and environmental impact