Prime Ingredients Product List

• Organic Ingredients • Specialty Coconut Products
• Exotic Butters & Derivatives • Natural Carrier Oils
• Specialty/Cosmeceutical Oils • Herbal Oils & Nutri-Blend
• Soap making Oils & Ingredients • Dead Sea Products
• Fine Ingredients & Raw Materials • Waxes & Emulsifiers
• Essential Oils & Absolutes • Pure Hydrosols & Distillates
• Selected Botanicals • DIY Natural Bases
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Raw materials for Aromatherapy, Ayuveda, Cosmetic and spa, Massage, Perfumery, Soap making, and DIY enthusiasts.
Verified Organic Ingredients
Prime Ingredients’ organic ingredients are “legally” certified according to COR (Canadian Organic Regime) for food grade, USDA-NOP (USA), and EU (European Union).
ORG Aloe Powder, 100X Botanical Powders NOP-USDA, EU
ORG Aloe Powder, 200X Botanical Powders NOP-USDA, EU
ORG Argan Oil, Cold Pressed Specialty Oils NOP-USDA, EU
ORG Avocado Oil, Nature’s Green Natural Oils NOP-USDA, EU
ORG Avocado Oil, Nature’s Prime Natural Oils COR, NOP-USDA, EU
ORG Castor Oil, Pale Pressed Natural Oils NOP-USDA, EU
ORG Cocoa Butter, PPP Exotic Butters COR, NOP-USDA, EU
ORG Coconut, Virgin oil de Coco-Crème® Specialty Coconut Products COR, NOP-USDA, EU
ORG Coconut Oil, Virgin COR, NOP-USDA, EU
ORG Coconut Oil, Expeller Pressed Soap making Ingredients COR, NOP-USDA, EU
ORG Coconut Fine Fiber Specialty Coconut Products COR, NOP-USDA, EU
ORG Coconut Fine powder COR, NOP-USDA, EU
ORG Coconut Milk Powder COR, NOP-USDA, EU
ORG Jojoba Oil, golden natural Natural Oils NOP-USDA, EU
ORG Palm Oil, RBD Soap making Ingredients COR, NOP-USDA, EU
ORG Pomegranate Specialty Oils COR, NOP-USDA, EU
ORG Rosehip, cold-pressed, virgin Specialty Oils NOP-USDA, EU
ORG Shea Butter, physically refined Exotic butters NOP-USDA, EU
ORG Shea Butter, natural Exotic butters NOP-USDA, EU
ORG Soybean Oil, Non-GMO Natural Oils COR, NOP-USDA, EU
ORG Sunflower Oil, high oleic Natural Oils COR, NOP-USDA, EU
ORG Sunflower Oil, Mid-Oleic Natural Oils COR, NOP-USDA, EU
ORG Sweet Almond Oil, Expeller Pressed Natural Oils COR, NOP-USDA, EU
MOI Avocado Nutri-Butter Exotic Butter NOP-USDA
MOI Carrot Carrier Oil Infused Carrier Oil NOP-USDA
MOI Karite Crème Exotic Butters NOP-USDA
MOI Pomegranate Oil, Infused Infused Carrier Oil NOP-USDA
MOI Seabuckthorn, Infused Infused Carrier Oil NOP-USDA
Please find our organic product under each product category with this symbol:
ORG with 100% organic product
MOI main component/base is certified organic

Please bear in mind, organic labeling is covered by regulatory bodies not only in Canada but worldwide. We assumed that organic manufacturers and re-packers know the rules and legal aspects of it. As an advocate of honest labeling in marketing QFI – Prime Ingredients is dedicated in educating our clients. Please contact us if you have questions about organic labeling.

COR = Canadian Organic Regime
MOI = made with organic ingredients
All Natural™ = organic in nature but not certified; processed without chemicals USDA = NOP
EU = European Organic Standard

NOTE: We are currently in transition in moving to a new location for packing and processing. All the product packaged before January 9th, 2017 are still valid as certified organic. The new materials coming in beginning February, 2017 are USDA certified organic from the country of origin. However, the COR and NOP equivalency will resume sometime in April, 2017. For further details, you may contact us at 1877-870-1018 or e-mail directly to


  Organic Coconut Oils
1 ORG Extra Virgin, cold centrifuge series™ (Virgin oil de Coco-Crème®)
2 ORG Extra Virgin, cold pressed-centrifuged (Coco-Premium Naturalle™)
3 ORG Extra Virgin, cold pressed-dry process (Coco-Pure™)
4 ORG Coconut, expeller pressed (Fine Organic™)
  Natural Liquid Coconut Oils & derivatives
1 ORG All Natural™ Coconut Nutri-Oil™, nutraceutical
2 ORG All Natural™ Coconut Nutri-Oil™
3 ORG Fractionated Coconut, Premium-MCT, nutraceutical
  Monoi de Tahiti Oil Series
1 ORG Monoi de Tahiti, Raw-form , unscentedl
2 ORG Monoi de Tahiti – with Tiarre
3 ORG Monoi de Tahiti – with Vanilla
4 ORG Monoi Supreme™ Conc. 200X. Natural scent
  Organic Coconut Powder
1 ORG Coconut Fine Fiber
2 ORG Coconut Flour-Fine Powder
3 ORG Coconut Milk Powder, Food grade
4 All Natural™ Coconut Milk Powder
Item EXOTIC BUTTERS & Derivatives
  Pure Plant Butter- Single Source
1 Cocoa Butter- African Natural
2 Cocoa Butter, PPP, wild crafted
3 ORG Cocoa Butter, PPP
4 Cocoa Butter, white, deodorized
5 Kokum Pure Butter
6 Kokum, All Naturall(coming soon)
7 Mango Pure Butter
8 Sal Exotic Butter
9 Shea Butter, African Natural
10 Shea Butter, Raw-Gold
11 Shea Butter, White DEOD
12 ORG Shea Butter, White DEOD
13 Natural Soft Butter, MANGO
14 Natural Soft Butter, SHEA
  Pure Plant Nutri-Butters
1 ORG Coco-Crème Emollient
2 MOI Avocado Nutri-Butter™
3 MOI Karite Crème™
4 MOI C-Complex
5 MOI E-Complex
6 MOI Eco-Green
7 MOI Herb & Spice
8 MOI Fleur ‘n Creme
Item NATURAL FIX & CARRIER OILS (plant based oils)
1 Apricot Kernel Oil, expeller pressed
2 ORG Gold Apricot, Nature’s Prime
3 Avocado Oil, gold-expeller pressed
4 ORG Avocado Oil, Nature’s Green(Unfiltered)
5 ORG Avocado Oil, Nature’s Green(Centrifuged)
6 Castor Oil, USP
7 ORG Castor, pale pressed
8 Grape Seed Oil, Expeller pressed
9 Hazel Nut Oil
10 Jojoba Oil, Golden Natural
11 ORG Jojoba Oil, Golden Natural
12 Jojoba Oil, USP-Clear
13 Macadamia Nut Oil
14 Meadow foam Seed Oil
15 Olive Oil, Pomace
16 Pumpkin Seed Oil, Extra Virgin
17 Sesame Seed Oil, USP-refined
18 ORG Soybean Oil, NON-GMO
19 Soybean Oil, NON-GMO
20 ORG Sunflower Oil, high oleic
21 ORG Sunflower Oil, mid-oleic
22 ORG Sweet Almond Oil, Natural
23 Sweet Almond Oil
Item SPECIALTY OILS (cosmeceutical & nutraceutical)
1 ORG Argan Oil, virgin-cold pressed
2 Baobab Oil, Pure-unrefined
3 Black Cumin Oil, Pure unrefined
4 Black Seed oil, Select™
5 Kukui Nut Oil, cold-pressed
6 Kukui Nut Oil, Hawaiian premium
7 Moringa Seed Oil, cold pressed
8 Neem Seed Oil, cold-pressed
9 Neem Oil, Premium
10 Pomegranate Seed Oil, cold pressed
11 Pomegranate Oil, SCO2, All Natural
12 ORG Pomegranate Oil, Raw-conc.
13 Raspberry Seed Oil
14 Rosehip Seed Oil, Extra Virgin
15 ORG Rosehip Seed Oil, Pure Prime
16 Seabuckthorn Seed Nutri-Oil™, SCO2
17 Seabuckthorn Pulp-Berry, CO2
18 Seabuckthorn Pulp-Berry, Raw
19 Tahitian Tamanu Oil, pure-unrefined
20 Wheat germ Oil, pure-unrefined
1 Arnica Herbal Oil
2 Calendula Herbal Oil
3 Carrot Tissue oil
4 Comfrey Herbal Oil
5 St. John’s Wort Herbal Oil
6 Arnica Herbal Oil
7 MOI Pomegranate Select™, Infused
8 MOI Seabuckthorn Oil, Infused
9 Neem Oil Select™, Infused
10 Tamanu Oil Select™, Infused
1 OIL-Coconut Oil, RBD 76
2 OIL-Coconut PREMIUM 76
3 OIL- ORG Coconut Expeller Pressed
4 OIL- ORG Palm Oil, RBD
5 OIL-Palm Oil, RBD
6 OIL- Palm Kernel Oil, RBD
7 OIL-Castor Oil, USP
8 OIL- ORG Castor
9 OIL- Olive Oil, Pomace
10 Soap Base- African Black Soap
11 Soap Base - Bath Butter
12 Soap Base – Shea Soap Paste
13 Soap Base – Soap Pasta
14 Soap Liquid Base- Castile Liquid
15 Soap Liquid Base- All Purpose
1 Dead Sea-Mud, RAW
2 Dead Sea Mud-POWDER
3 Dead Sea Salt, course
4 Dead Sea Salt, fine
5 Dead Sea Water
1 Aloe Vera Gel, thick
2 Aloe Vera Powder
3 Exfoliant, Grape Seed
4 Exfoliant, Jojoba Seed
5 Exfoliant, Raspberry Seed
6 Exfoliant, Rosehip Seed Meal
7 Floral Waxes (See aromatherapy and perfumery supply)
8 Powder, organic coconuts (See also coconut select ingredients)
9 Powder, Jojoba Meal
10 Powder, Moringa
11 Powder, Neem Leaf-Pure Conc.
12 Powder, Soap nuts
1 Bees wax, natural pellets
2 Plant Wax, Candelilla
3 Plant Wax, Carnauba
4 E-Wax, GMS-veg. base
5 E-Wax, NF
6 E-Wax, Polawax
7 Citric Acid
8 Glycerin, veg. base, 99.9% USP
9 Stearic Acid, veg. base
10 Vitamin E-Clear
11 Vitamin E-MT-50 (mixed tocopherol)
12 Vitamin E-MT-95 (mixed tocopherol)